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Lebanese Dialect
10% of the Academy's revenue is used to fund students tuition fees
Lebanese Dialect
Are you of Lebanese origin and you want to connect with your roots? Do you have Lebanese friends who you want to get closer to? Are you working in Lebanon and you need to communicate with people? The Lebanese Dialect Academy offers you the best courses adapted to your needs.

The Lebanese Dialect Academy is the first institute in the Middle East that teaches the Lebanese dialect online, using the newest approaches in language teaching. The academy is based in the heart of Tripoli where classes are also delivered in person.

“The Lebanese dialect stands out as the most popular dialect in the Arab world.”
Lebanese Dialect
The Lebanese Dialect Academy was founded in 2013 and is the result of many years of research effort. The director of the Academy, Roula Naboulsi (PhD) has been teaching Lebanese dialect, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Spanish as foreign languages for more than ten years in institutes, language centers and universities across Lebanon and Spain like Instituto Cervantes de Beirut, Lebanese International University, Manar University of Tripoli and Language School Teachers (online courses).

Roula is a hardworking and enthusiastic teacher. She believes that teaching is a skill, an art and a work of heart. Roula also works as a freelance translator. She is also a trainer in Mnemonics for language learning. She is also a freelance translator and she is a polyglot. She speaks Italian, Spanish, French, English and Arabic.
Lebanese Dialect
Lebanese Dialect Academy Testimonials
June 12, 2011
Excellent Teacher!
I appreciate Roula's professionalism; every lesson is prepared in advance with a content that is appropriate to my level and needs. She is flexible and motivating, and last but not least, very pleasant!
Dec 15, 2014
Great methodology!
The teaching methodology used by Roula in her courses has completely changed my perspective about learning the Lebanese dialect. With strategies adapted to my needs, Roula has overcome my expectations regarding my listening comprehension and oral expression level. Her great grammatical proficiency and knowledge of etymology in Romance languages has greatly facilitated my everyday vocabulary retention, allowing me to communicate in a more fluid manner. I am convinced that I’ll be able to express myself naturally in Lebanese dialect with the help of Roula.
Jul 12, 2016
She's just the best!
I had lessons with Roula- she's just the best. She's very accommodating, thorough, patient and keen to help you learn in any way possible- I'll hopefully be back very soon for more lessons.
Ap 28, 2017
La mejor escuela del Líbano
Una escuela espectacular, profesional, estoy muy feliz. Me encanta el equipo de trabajo, y muy feliz de saber que mi maestra habla español. Roula es preciosa y me fascina su técnica para enseñar. La mejor escuela del Líbano!
Jul 13, 2017
Highly recommended!
My course at the Lebanese Dialect Academy gave me some great linguistic survival skills in Lebanon - I started having daily conversations in Arabic with my Lebanese friends, colleagues at work, and on the Lebanese street. Roula knows how to make Arabic easy and accessible, while tailoring the course to the needs and interests of the student. Highly recommended!
Jul 20, 2017
Diverse and interesting topics
Studying the Lebanese Dialect with Roula at the intermediary level was very rewarding: we naturally continued to revise and learn some grammatical points but we would really spend most of the class focused on enhancing my speaking skills, which allowed me to significantly improve my pronunciation and fluency. Our conversations would almost always be based on a specific theme which Roula had prepared beforehand, with a couple of videos I would have to watch and a short Arabic text I would have to write before coming to class, alongside a list of relevant verbs and words to learn. The issues we tackled in our conversations were therefore very diverse and interesting. We learnt and discussed about the education system, Lebanese politics, the economy, the war in Syria, the history of Tripoli, food, or again societal topics such as drug consumption, the state of prisons , psychological illness and disability issues. So, beyond simply improving language skills, the really satisfying part of doing Lebanese Dialect at the intermediate level with Roula really was to be able to learn about the important issues which affect society - discussing and debating them, of course, in Arabic!
Feb 23, 2019
An experienced teacher
Lebanese Dialect Academy is my attempt number 4 in trying to learn Arabic language. Having tried to learn online, alone with the books and one to one with the native Arabic speaker, I gave up being sure that its totally way too difficult and impossible. My friend recommended me to get in touch with Roula from The Lebanese Dialect Academy and to give it another try. Im so happy that I did! After 10 sessions with Roula I achieved much more than after all my previous attempts and lessons combined. What I like the most about studying with her is that being an experienced teacher she can totally adjust the rhythm and the way of the learning process as per my needs and abilities. I am very motivated and excited to study with Roula. I always recommend Lebanese Dialect Academy to whoever inquires about Arabic language studies.
Mar 20, 2019
Classes are pleasant
Every lesson with Roula is worth it. She prepares meticulously for every class, and adapts their content to the desires of the student. Her way of teaching ensures that the needs of the student are best met and learning progress is as fast as it can get. Classes are pleasant, but ultimately very rewarding. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to become fluent in Arabic.
Dec 23, 2011
Awesome, flexible and perfectionist
Roula loves to teach. Extremely gracious and professional. Will tailor lessons to specific needs or requests.

I am an American of Lebanese descent and have been studying 6 months with Roula. I recently traveled to Lebanon with my sisters. It was our first time to Lebanon (definetly not our last). We had the chance to meet Roula. She was the most AWESOME host one could ever have. We spent the day in Tripoli Lebanon with her. Memories of a lifetime.

I did not grow up speaking Arabic - At Beirut Int'l Airport, Customs was very confused as I spoke their dialect with a U.S. passport. The same when ordering at restaurants, getting a cab or navigating our way through crowds in Beirut.

It was of such benefit to speak the language; as I do not look Lebanese in the least bit. Roula made this possible.

Bottom line, if one wants to learn Arabic - she is THE BEST.
July 01, 2013
Professional teacher
Roula is a very professional teacher. You have a rather serious amount of homework to do, but she does too! She adapts every lesson to your performances last time, to your weaknesses, etc. She alternates grammar with colloquial learning, with vocabulary to keep you focused and never surrender. It is very rewarding to see that she is as involved in this as you are, and that your progress in learning makes her as happy as you. She is flexible in scheduling. Punctual. Professional.
Sept 15, 2013
Passionate about her work
Roula gets involved in students. She enjoys teaching. She is patient, kind, flexible and resourceful. She adapts to student needs and provide access to materials. She is well prepared for every session and keeps the students focused and motivated.
Jan 17, 2014
Classes are great fun!
The Lebanese Dialect course exceeded my expectations. The professor, Ms. Roula Naboulsi is extremely professional and highly knowledgeable. The course was very well organized, and structured, and great fun as well. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the Lebanese dialect, its history, and the culture of Lebanon in general.
Jan 24, 2014
Motivating teacher
I really enjoyed attending Roula's classes. She is a very active and motivating teacher. I wish I had more time to study at home between lessons but I will for sure keep practicing what I have learned! Thank you!
Feb 23, 2014
Excellent method
Lebanese dialect academy has an excellent method to learning a new language. Roula has created a unique and effective outline for each lesson that incorporates grammar and vocabulary in a way that new words and rules are learned through communication instead of memorization. She has done a great job of making a relatively difficult language, Arabic, much easier and I recommend her academy to anyone desiring to learn the language.
Oct 24, 2014
Classes are enjoyable
I studied Arabic at university several years ago. However my spoken Arabic has never reached the level of fluency I wished. The lack of practice for a long time gave me the impression to have lost all my knowledge and capacity to communicate. So last year I decided to study spoken Lebanese online with Roula. Roula is an excellent teacher and her tutorials were enormously helpful. She's interactive, enthusiastic and motivating. Classes are enjoyable and the material interesting exploring a large range of topics related with Lebanese Culture, traditions and habits. The course met perfectly my special needs and expectations and I think it represents a unique, effective approach for all the people willing to learn how to communicate in this difficult language. Roula is helpful and always concerned with students learning. She encouraged questions and used many different methods to encourage a good and active learning.
Nov 16, 2014
The success of her students is personal!
I really consider myself third time lucky when it comes to learning arabic! Prior to meeting Roula, I had taken private, face to face arabic classes for about one year with 2 different teachers. Sadly with both times came little success. But all of this changed when I found the Lebanese Dialect Academy! Living in Qatar, I have my classes via Skype and in just the 3 months I have been studying with Roula to date, I have learnt more and gained greater confidence with my new language than the entire time I had studied arabic previously! And I believe that what makes the difference, is that Roula is as much invested and committed to my success as I am! For Roula, the success of her students is personal! Roula doesn’t just teach me to “get by” with arabic, she keeps the standards consistently high and meticulously and patiently works with me until I get it right! Roula is the definition of professional, committed and hard-working and she takes a great deal of time outside of lessons to prepare activities and review homework. She tailors the content, pace and style of lessons to meet my specific learning needs and keeps lessons challenging, fun and really relevant. Roula’s thoughfulness and passion for teaching really shines through and despite me living overseas, she has gone over and above to include me and make me feel part of the wider Lebanese Dialect Academy community. One year ago, I was painfully learning arabic because I needed to. Thanks to Roula, I’m now learning arabic because I want to, it’s fun, I look forward to every lesson and success has finally become realistic and achieveable!
Lebanese Dialect Academy Testimonials
1. Origins

Canaanite languages were spoken in ancient times in Palestine, on the coast of Syria, and in scattered colonies elsewhere around the Mediterranean. In the middle of the 1st millennium BC, the area adopted Western Aramaic as an official language.

After the Islamic conquest, the Levant was taken from the Byzantine Empire and Arabic entered deeper in the population. It may thus be considered that Levantine Arabic (of which Lebanese dialect or Lebanese Arabic is a variety) resulted from the adoption of Arabic by speakers with a marked Aramaic substrate.

2. Modern Lebanese

About 4 million people in Lebanon and almost double the number around the world speak Lebanese. The Lebanese dialect is similar to that spoken in Syria, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories, but it is significantly unique. Because it is one of the most popular languages of television and entertainment production, most of the people in the Arab countries understand Lebanese.

Lebanese, like other spoken Levantine varieties, differs from Modern Standard Arabic. MSA is the standard and literary variety of Arabic used in writing but it is not spoken. That is why learning the Lebanese dialect is the key to communicate with Lebanese people and Arabs all around the world.

“Modern Lebanese is spoken by about 10 million persons around the world and understood by about 400 million”
“It would be fair to say that if there is any one umbrella approach to language teaching that has become the accepted "norm" in this field, it would have to be the Communicative Language Teaching Approach (CLT)."
1. Syllabus

General Courses
We have general Lebanese dialect courses for all levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

Beginner Level (80 h)
This course is aimed at students who are seeking to rapidly acquire the basic tools that will allow them to communicate in simple but effective language. The beginner course requires a substantial commitment on the part of the student in terms of personal study.

Intermediate level (80 h)
This course is for students who can express themselves in a limited manner in everyday situations and have a general understanding of more unusual information.
The students concerned have a fair to good mastery of basic grammar and syntax but need to follow a more disciplined approach to improve their level.

Advanced level (80 h)
Students are able to produce clear and detailed texts on relatively complex topics. They are able to take part in any conversation or discussion and to recognize idioms and proverbs.

Specialized Courses (40 h)
In addition to our general courses, we also offer courses for specific purposes. These include Lebanese for business, Lebanese for politics and Lebanese for aid workers.

2. Methodology

The Lebanese Dialect Academy uses the latest methods in language teaching practice and research. We focus on the conversational element as being the central piece for each lesson. Lessons are presented in a simple and pleasant interactive approach. Grammar rules are distilled in the form of notes in a very subtle manner.

3. Alphabet

We teach the dialect using the Arabic script. We also use the transliteration method by converting Arabic letters into Latin letters.

4. Schedule

Our schedule is customized to meet your needs.

5. Fees and Payment policy

Prices available upon request.

We accept credit cards, cash, bank wires, MoneyGram and Western Union.
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